Thursday, July 25, 2024

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A Major Step-up to Redefine the Dynamics of Modern Cannabis Industry

Agrify Corporation, a leading provider of innovative cultivation and extraction solutions for the cannabis industry, has officially announced a successful installation of its PX-30 Hydrocarbon Extraction System at Lume Cannabis’ Michigan facility. To give you an idea about the PX-30 Hydrocarbon Extraction System, it is basically the largest solution of Agrify’s PX-Extraction series, capable of bringing cutting-edge advancement in hydrocarbon extraction technology to enhance efficiency and precision across the extraction process. Focused on transforming cannabis and hemp industries, the stated product makes a point to maximize the production of high-quality extracts by up to 240+ lbs. per 8-hour shift. Next up, we must dig into the system’s intuitive operational design, which is conceived with the operator’s needs in mind. You see, the stated fact reveals itself once you consider how the PX-30 offers ultra-low temperature operation with fast recovery times, something it is able to do with or without a dedicated compressor. Complimenting the same is its pledge to make all functions and features easily accessible in a linear process flow. This the system achieves through conveniently located controls and specifically-designed ergonomics for the operator. Then, there is the prospect of ensuring safety and compliance at all times. You see, the PX-30 was notably conceived on the back of comprehensive safety features, features that are understood to be compliant with all the established sanitary and cGMP standards.

“We are thrilled to announce the successful installation of another PX-30 hydrocarbon extraction system at one of our valued customers here in the state of Michigan,” said Brian Towns, EVP & General Manager at Agrify Corporation. “This state-of-the-art technology aligns with our mission to provide our clients with the best tools for long-term success in an evolving industry. Agrify is committed to all of our customer’s success as their success is our success.”

Before embracing PX-30, Lumen Cannabis has been using Agrify’s XMU Hydrocarbon Extraction System. However, given the uptick in growth, the need for speed and throughput quickly outgrew the older system’s capabilities. With the new extraction technology, though, the company won’t just hope to close the evident gaps, but it can also expect a rather smooth transition from one setup to another.

“Having owned a Precision XMU for the past year and a half, the Precision PX-30 was the natural choice for Lume when we decided to expand our resin extraction capabilities. The Precision Extraction team has been great to work with and we appreciate their efforts to do anything in their power to ensure their customers have a smooth installation and startup experience,” said Stan Gourentchik, Lab Manager at Lume Cannabis.

Founded in 2016, Agrify’s rise largely stems from an ability to expand the cannabis market using data, science, and technology. This ability, of course, is put on full display by the company’s far-reaching extraction product line, which includes hydrocarbon, ethanol, solventless extraction, post-processing, and lab equipment, all iterations coming together to maximize the quantity and quality of extract required for premium concentrates. Furthermore, the same is also reinforced on the back of its proprietary micro-environment-controlled Vertical Farming Units (VFUs) that empower cultivators to produce the highest quality products with unmatched consistency, yield, and ROI at scale.