Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Debunking the Old THC Trends to Let Cannabis Industry Build out a New Growth Avenue

Phylos, a cannabis genetics company that empowers growers of all sizes to produce the highest quality cannabis in the most cost-effective way, has officially concluded an IRB-approved double-blind research on the effects of its rare cannabinoid tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV). According to certain reports, the stated researched revealed that Phylos’ THCV significantly increased energy, activity, motivation, and well-being compared to placebo, and it did so without causing fatigue and munchies historically associated with THC consumption. Talk about the study on a slightly deeper level, it saw participants ingesting unmedicated placebo gummies, THC-only gummies, and gummies infused with extract from Get Sh!t Done™ (GSD), a THCV-dominant plant bred by Phylos. Those GSD gummies included distillate from the GSD plant with a roughly 2:1 ratio of THCV:THC. Anyway, when the results came out, they showed how 20% of participants felt more energized after consuming the GSD gummy, whereas nearly 40% reported enjoying their daily activities after consuming the GSD gummy compared to placebo. Moving on, participants who consumed the THC-only gummy displayed a steep 50% increase in hunger when taking full doses. On the other hand, the ones who took the GSD gummy did not report a statistically significant increase in hunger. Furthermore, the group which was administered the THC-only gummy was literally found to become three times more fatigued than the GSD group. As for the GSD and THC-only gummies, they not only caused less fatigue, but going quite the other way around, they increased activity, exercise performance, motivation, and well-being among the relevant participants

Phylos conducted the entire research in collaboration with People Science.

“This study signifies a pivotal moment for the cannabis industry in understanding the effect of THCV in combination with THC,” said Alisha Holloway, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at Phylos. “The Natural Natural THCV study allows us to leverage our exceptional plants in the advancement of targeted cannabis products, and to chart new territories in understanding the efficacy of natural cannabinoids.”

Phylos took this opportunity to also launch its consumer-facing ingredient brand named Natural Natural, a brand that commercializes the company’s patented, naturally-derived rare cannabinoid genetics. Beyond the underlying cannabinoid genetics, the stated brand will be supported further by Phylos’ esteemed list of brand partners. These partners include Yada Yada, Camino, Lost Farms, Heavy Hitters, Kanha, Airgraft, and Garden Society in California; SHRED and Trailblazer in Canada; HiDays in Arizona; Tunnel Vision and Ozone in Illinois, Massachusetts, and New Jersey; Good Day in Maryland; reV in Michigan; Kites and Buddies in Oregon, and Moonlit Cannabis in Washington.

Founded in 2014, Phylos’ rise stems from its industry’s first Production-Ready Seed™: premium, phenotypically stable, and fully-feminized F1 hybrid seed lines that are known for their high potency. The company also makes a point to apply what is its proprietary technology for the purpose of providing partners with unparalleled rare cannabinoid genetics.

“Consumers are seeking and deserve access to natural, plant-based wellness products that are backed by science,” said Whitney Conroy, Chief Commercial Officer at Phylos. “Natural Natural is partnering with the industry’s top growers, extractors, and brands to ensure customers know the products they purchase are made with the highest quality ingredients with proven effects.”