Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Enabling the Cannabis Industry to Shed its Ambiguity and Achieve the Coveted Consumer Trust

Autumn Brands, a family-owned, pesticide-free cannabis farm committed to sustainable cultivation, has officially announced a partnership with Lucid Green, the Smart Product Identifier (SPI) platform renowned for its unwavering dedication to trust and transparency in the cannabis sector. According to certain reports, the entire partnership is geared towards leveraging Lucid’s LucidConnect solution, an advanced DTC marketing platform designed to provide unique insights, education, and loyalty programs in cannabis consumption, for the purpose of enhancing consumer knowledge and trust when it comes to cannabis. In essence, this involves consumer accessing LucidConnect to learn more about Autumn Brands cannabis products, including safe consumption practices and engaging rewards. Markedly enough, they should be able to do it all through a simple scan. On top of that, the solution will also offer a comprehensive lowdown on the brand’s commitment to sustainability, along with detailed insights into each product’s composition. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of detailed product origins, where Lucid Green provides a QR code (LucidID) on every Autumn Brands item so to facilitate seamless product authentication, which by the way, is an imperative for consumer trust when it cannabis products. Next up, we must get into the learning aspect of it. Here, the platform in question will enrich the consumer experience with educational modules on product details, lab results, brand story, and more. Moving on, LucidConnect will also go ahead and provide users with rewards for engagement. You see, by simply interacting with the educational content, users earn rewards, and therefore, foster a deeper connection with the products they love and the stories behind them.

“Leveraging our technology to fully support Autumn Brands’ mission of transparency and consumer education aligns completely with our overarching mission as a company,” said Filip Luneski, VP of Marketing at Lucid Green. “With LucidConnect, we are taking a significant step toward empowering consumers with knowledge about the cannabis products they use, fostering a community that values informed choices.”

Making the development all the more valuable would be the stature of those two involved companies. Starting from Autumn Brands, it makes a case for itself through sustainable farming techniques, as well natural sunlight and pesticide-free cultivation. This loosely translates to 100% no-spray cannabis farming and a commitment to purity, rigorous testing and hand trimming.

As for Lucid Green, found in 2018, it has its utility rooted in a platform, which provides brands and retailers with a touchless inventory management solution, thus increasing supply chain efficiencies and cost-savings. Through that solution and its wider capabilities, the company currently provides you with Cannabis Supply Chain Transparency, Cannabis Consumer Loyalty, Dispensary Loyalty, Cannabis Brand Analytics, Cannabis Dispensary Analytics, Technology, UPC OF CANNABIS, Product stickering, and more. Lucid’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider it has already clocked a base of more than 60 million Lucid IDs and counting.

“Partnering with Lucid Green to adopt LucidConnect is an exciting development for us at Autumn Brands,” said Hanna Brand, Co-Founder of Autumn Brands. “This aligns perfectly with our core values of sustainability, family, and transparency, allowing us to share the story behind every product with our consumers, not just in words but through engaging and interactive experiences.”