Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Getting One Regulatory Nod to Lead a Novel Charge Forward for the Cannabis Industry

Greater Cannabis Company, Inc, a company pioneering development of next generation cannabinoid therapeutics and consumer products, has officially announced the completion of a preclinical phase study where it was assessing its novel neuropsychiatric cannabinoid therapy. Focused on the impact showcased by various combinations of its neuroprotective therapeutic in a preclinical model, the stated study leveraged BV-2 mouse microglial cell line and LPS to induce an inflammatory response. Apart from that, it also dug into the signaling pathways involved across the anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and cytoprotective effects of the therapeutic compounds. Although revealing minimal synergism, the study was able to prove that there was a neuroprotective effect generated by both cannabidiol (CBD), as well as the other proprietary compounds used in the therapeutic. To give you an even deeper look, the outcome measures evaluated here included extracellular levels of proinflammatory cytokines, extracellular levels of nitrite to assess nitric oxide production, expression levels of genes and microRNAs known to be involved in inflammation and redox response. The list further covers cellular levels of transcription factors and other proteins known to be involved in inflammation and redox response, along with cellular levels of Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS). Moving on, it assessed markers of inflammation, redox state, and cell survival in resting state microglia and in cells that were stimulated with LPS. Interestingly enough, to verify the credibility of results, each assessment was repeated multiple times.

“We are excited to finally receive the positive results from our preclinical study, which was our first step in validating our novel, cannabinoid based therapeutic,” said Aitan Zacharin, CEO of the Greater Cannabis Company. “Despite worldwide efforts, currently, there is no established pharmacological treatment for the core symptoms of autism. In our preclinical study we assessed the potential of our novel therapeutic that targets anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and cytoprotective pathways. These results carry promise for novel treatments for autism, as well as for other neuropsychiatric disorders such as schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease.”

Operating out of Baltimore, the Greater Cannabis Company has risen up the ranks by conceiving medical studies to develop cannabis-based treatments for various medical conditions and their symptoms, bearing special focus on neuropsychiatric disorders. The company’s bid to commercialize cannabinoid-based therapeutics, so far, involves direct equity investments, joint ventures, licensing agreements, and acquisitions. This versatility, as a result, is also evident in all the delivery technologies that the company has been able to provide, boasting bio-adhesive, adjustable dose, and fully dissolvable, non-irritant patch forms that come together to ensure needle free intra-oral systemic drug delivery.

“We are approved to begin our Phase II clinical trial, which is our next phase in validating the safety and efficacy of our therapeutic. We are actively seeking financial partners to help us accelerate this study. We welcome strategic partners who share our vision to create a real impact on the lives of countless families affected by autism, as well as on public health,” said Zacharin.