Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Guiding the World’s Sway towards a Plant-based Diet

Konscious Foods, a plant-based foods brand, has officially announced the launch of three new plant-based products in Smoked Salmon, Kimbap Korean Veggie Rice Roll, and Salmon Avocado Roll. According to certain reports, the stated products are developed by chef and plant-based innovator, Yves Potvin, each one boasting Konscious’ patent-pending ability that lets you go from frozen to fresh in minutes. Talk about the development on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the smoked salmon, which happens to be the first Non-GMO Project verified, cold-smoked salmon made entirely from plants. This, however, shouldn’t indicate any sacrifices on the taste front, considering it offers smoky flavors strikingly similar to your classic wood-smoked salmon. Furthermore, the product comes decked up with a smooth texture, something it achieves using vibrant carrots, pea hull fiber, and konjac root. Next up, we have Kimbap Korean Veggie Rice Roll. The stated roll packs together an assortment of different yet complimentary flavors. These flavors are understood to come from its seasoned rice, savory marinated carrots, a burst of chili crunch mushroom protein, tangy pickled cucumber, and a sprinkle of sesame seeds. To go with that, Konscious has also introduced a flavorful spicy siracha sauce. Anyway, onto our third and final product, there is the all-new Salmon Avocado Roll. Konscious’ brand-new Salmon Avocado Roll puts on your plate a 100 percent plant-based salmon, creamy avocado slices, and tangy pickled cucumbers. These ingredients are further rolled in a sheet of seasoned seaweed. In case that doesn’t sound like a lot, the presence of tamari and green mayo are also brought into the equation for achieving a unique richness across the product.

The three products in question join Konscious’ existing line-up where it has sushi, onigiri, and poke bowls as core options.

“Konscious Foods has quickly risen to the forefront of the plant-based food movement since launching at Expo West last year going from a standstill to being available at over 4,500 locations nationwide. We’re excited to further expand the delicious, nutritious options consumers can try,” said Yves Potvin, President and Founder of Konscious Foods.

Konscious’ move to expand product line, markedly enough, comes on the back of world’s increasing interest in flexitarian diet. You see, many projections are expecting that, by 2040, only 40% of the global population will eat meat.

As for what Konscious is doing to facilitate this transition as smoothly as possible, the answer resides in its innovative track record, which involves creating the world’s first frozen plant-based sushi rolls, onigiri stuffed rice snacks, and poke bowls, along with several other plant-based food products to make available through foodservice. The external validation for these products comes from the recognition Konscious has already earned since starting out in 2023. This recognition covers winning Best New Frozen Product in the 2023 NEXTY Awards, emerging as finalist across the Best New Plant-Forward Product category in the 2023 NEXTY Awards, and receiving 2023 Best of Show Award by VegNews.

“We’ve applied our learnings from creating sushi, onigiri, and poke to now add this line of new and creative options that can help people incorporate more vegetables into their diet without sacrificing flavor. We know the barriers to entry for plant-based food are taste, texture, price, and convenience. Our ongoing mission at Konscious Foods is to make eating our foods an easy choice, whether someone is vegan, plant-curious, or just interested in trying something new,” said Potvin.