Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Helping the Agriculture Sector Inculcate a Renewed Digital Infrastructure

WIN Technology has officially announced the acquisition of Digicorp, Inc., thus expanding its premier IT Services business. According to certain reports, the stated development will allow WIN to deliver extensive digital infrastructure expertise in and around areas like healthcare, manufacturing, financial services, government, education, agriculture, as well as in many other business services enterprises. Talk about the same on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the evident promise of expanded products and services. To be more specific, the acquisition will hand WIN an uninterrupted access of Digicorp’s video surveillance, advanced telephony, and structured cabling solutions. Next up, we must get into how it will ensure for WIN a rather intensified footprint across the upper Midwest. You see, taking Digicorp’s robust engineering services and then combining them with its own comprehensive IT solutions will empower WIN Technology to scale up its capacity and reach clients across the upper Midwest area, particularly in Wisconsin and Northern Illinois. Another detail which makes the whole deal seem even more important is rooted in the companies’ highly complementary strengths. With Digicorp being a leader in engineering and IT Services and also boasting a client-base concentrated in the same geographical locations as WIN Technology, it fits seamlessly alongside the latter’s premier fiber optic network. This makes it possible to offer customers a comprehensive digital infrastructure solution, as well as provide them the advantage of a single point of accountability for their IT needs and strategies.

“By combining the strengths of WIN Technology and Digicorp, we will accelerate the delivery of cutting-edge digital infrastructure and IT products and services to our clients,” said Scott Hoffmann, CEO of WIN Technology. “With an expanded talent base and a broader services scope, scale, and footprint, WIN Technology will deliver excellence on a wider range of solutions for our clients. We look forward to the union of our strong teams and a bright future ahead.”

Not just overarching strengths, but both the companies also enjoy a single source for digital infrastructure. Before we could unpack this particular feature, we must acknowledge how providers, more often not, offer services up to the demarcation point, leaving the customer to handle issues within their enterprise network or IT services separately. In response to that, the acquisition empowers WIN Technology to deliver at the disposal of enterprise customers a seamless best-in-class experience for networking and IT solutions. Such a facility, like you can guess, should solidify its position as a leading provider of comprehensive services.

“WIN Technology shares the same sense of urgency that has been instilled in Digicorp and its employees, which has been critical to our customer’s success over the years,” said George Fahr, President of Digicorp. “Our shared values – of honoring our commitments and doing what is right for our customers – will accelerate our success as both teams unite in serving our combined customer base and marketplace.”