Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Inspiring the Cannabis Industry to a Long-lost Sense of Robustness

Flower Power Genetics has officially announced pending utility patent on its groundbreaking new cannabis hybrid called ADAM. According to certain reports, this particular hybrid comes bearing an ability to offer unparalleled genetic traits, remarkable climate versatility, and exceptional quality. In essence, this it is able to do by combining the resilient properties of 1970s Afghan indica with the robust characteristics of 1980s Jamaican sativa, two components that go a long way to help the ADAM hybrid in enhancing both medical and commercial cannabis production. In case you weren’t aware, Afghan indica is a strain celebrated specifically for its medicinal properties, as well for its ability to thrive in harsh climates, including cold and dry environments. On the other hand, the Jamaican sativa brings forth exceptional tolerance for tropical climates, something which empowers it to withstand humidity and heat. Anyway, before we get any further into this development, though, we must acknowledge that, for about 30 years now, hemp’s integration into cannabis breeding has led to the erosion of pure cannabis genetics, thus resulting in several undesirable traits, such as reduced yield and increased susceptibility to diseases like rust fungi, Hop Latent Virus (HLVd), Lettuce Chlorosis Virus (LCV) and Cannabis Cryptic Virus (CCV). Making matters worse is excessive hybridization, which would further degrade the genetic diversity of commercial cannabis, and therefore, complicate the production of high-quality yields across various climates. In response to this conundrum, James Krouse, founder of Flower Power Genetics has found, through ADAM, the pathway to ensure viability and purity of original cannabis genetics.

Talk about ADAM and its benefits on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the promise of yields significantly higher than your traditional output. Next up, we must get into the hybrid’s enhanced disease resistance capabilities that keep rust fungi and other diseases at bay. Moving on, the element in question even delivers at your disposal the all-important genetic stability, which also cuts back on numerous risks of a standard hybridization process. Not just stability, the stated element even conceives for you top-notch brand of quality. The stated quality, markedly enough, is rooted in the fact that ADAM is optimized for medical use with high cannabinoid and terpene content.

“Flower Power Genetics developed the hybrid ADAM to address critical challenges faced by both businesses and consumers in the cannabis market,” said Krouse. “By preserving the purity of original cannabis genetics that do not possess hemp, ADAM offers superior yield, disease resistance and genetic stability. This innovative hybrid not only enhances the quality and potency of cannabis products but also ensures adaptability to various climate conditions, making it a versatile solution for cultivators worldwide. The pending utility patent for ADAM underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional genetic traits and unparalleled quality in the cannabis cultivation industry.”

Hold on, we still have a couple of bits left to unpack. You see, we still haven’t discussed ADAM’s rich THCV content. Such a constituent aids the hybrid big time when it comes to realizing bonus medical benefits like appetite suppression and glucose regulation.