Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Leading a Multi-brand Charge to Replenish the Grocery Space

Conagra Brands, Inc, one of North America’s leading branded food companies, has officially announced the launch of several new products, bringing in total more than 50 new items to grocery shelves. Talk about some of these products on a slightly deeper level, we begin from Dolly’s dinner and desserts, which is inspired by the artist Dolly Parton. Designed around her already-proven Southern-style recipes, this collection will feature a classic pasta dish and two new frozen desserts. The deserts include Decadent Chocolate Pie and Original Whipped Cheesecake. In the chocolate pie, you can expect flaky pastry crust filled with chocolate fudge, along with a sprinkle of powdered sugar. As for the cheesecake, it will have Southern-inspired ingredients, packing together a cream cheese and buttermilk filling paired with a graham cracker crust made through molasses. More on the same would reveal how these deserts don’t require any baking. Instead, they become ready to serve right after thawing. Next up, we have the new Chef Boyardee Meals. Here, you essentially get three new skillet meals, including Spaghetti & Meatballs, Chicken Alfredo, and Cheese Ravioli. Moving on, Conagra is also launching four new sauced vegetables from Birds Eye that offer delicious flavor with the convenience of Birds Eye’s Steamfresh® microwave prep method. At launch, the customers can choose from Maple Glazed Carrots, Teriyaki Glazed Green Beans, Garlic Butter Broccoli, and Garlic Butter Green Beans.

Furthermore, Birds Eye will introduce, through Conagra, three new potato dishes that include Garlic Herb Baby Potatoes, Cheesy Potato Casserole and Loaded Mashed Potatoes. Alongside the same, Birds Eye is also delivering new dishes under its Birds Eye Voila! brand. Here, customers can expect new Sesame Chicken, which will have tempura-breaded chicken paired with broccoli, carrots, and white rice tossed in a sweet sesame sauce. Apart from that, there is going to be Chicken Bacon Ranch Mac & Cheese, featuring pasta, white meat chicken, and broccoli covered in a delicious cheesy ranch and bacon flavored sauce. The company is also making restaurant-inspired Beef Lo Mein available to offer delicious combination of tender beef strips with lo mein noodles, bok choy, onions, and carrots in a savory sauce.

Joining the same would be four new meals from Healthy Choice® that bring greater flavor to the “better for you” frozen category. Offering a main protein, two sides, and a flavorful sauce, these four meals include Creamy Chicken Marinara with orzo pasta and seasoned broccoli; Balsamic Garlic Steak with green beans and garlic mashed potatoes; Lemon Parmesan Chicken with a blend of grains and seasoned vegetables; and Salsa Verde Chicken with brown rice and black beans. To partner that, Healthy Choice is also expanding its line-up of bowls. Moving forward, its Grain-Free Power Bowls will feature a new Spicy Steak Burrito Bowl, Simply Steamers will have new Pasta with Chicken Bolognese, and at Café Steamers®, you can get a new Chicken Alfredo bowl.

Making the whole development even bigger are the new meals from Blake’s and Evol. The former is set to unveil new Country Fried Chicken with roasted potatoes and green beans; BBQ Seasoned Pork with cheesy pasta and sweet corn; Homestyle Meatloaf with roasted potatoes and sweet corn; and Roasted Chicken with cheesy rice and broccoli. As for Evol, it is gearing for a launch of Hot Honey Chicken with roasted sweet potatoes and seasoned brussels sprouts; Garlic Herb Steak with tri-cut potatoes and seasoned broccoli; Chicken Adobo with cilantro rice and elote-style corn; and Homestyle Meatballs & Orzo with seasoned green beans. Beyond that, the brand will also introduce a new seafood and pasta dish in Garlic Shrimp Cavatappi, with pasta, shrimp and a creamy garlic sauce.