Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Letting Data Dictate Your Irrigation for a Healthier Return on Investment

Lindsay Corporation, a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology, has officially announced the introduction of several enhancements for its award-winning irrigation management solution called FieldNET Advisor. In case you weren’t aware, FieldNET Advisor works by simplifying irrigation decisions for growers. This it does through a comprehensive set of insights on how to maximize yields. Now, given the stated update, Lindsay’s technology should be able to improve the product’s return on investment with real-time data upgrades, whole farm management, and simplified subscriptions. Furthermore, it should also be able to help growers reduce input costs, conserve resources, and apply the precise amount of water needed for a healthier crop. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper, we begin from the prospect of easy enrollment into the whole operation. This is joined by the skillful way in which these enhancements can help you access recommendations, recommendations that will be tailored as per the needs of the grower. Moving on, the solution in question also boasts a satellite imagery mechanism. The stated mechanism can basically come in when the agenda is to estimate crop water usage and provide up-to-date data which automatically tracks how conditions change through the growing season, covering factors like wind, hail, disease, and more.

“We build solutions by farmers, for farmers,” said Gustavo Oberto, president of irrigation for Lindsay Corporation. “That’s why it is so important to us that the team building our products and technologies has first-hand knowledge of how those solutions are working in the field. With enhancements to FieldNET Advisor, we’re able to synthesize millions of data points to determine the best irrigation option from both a crop- and field-level point of view. Growers will continue to have peace of mind that their FieldNET remote irrigation solution gives them the power to monitor, control and manage their operation to help maximize yields and profitability.”

Then, there is also the facility to manage the whole farm at a glance, including crop canopy development, crop water use, weather, and irrigation recommendations. Hold on, there is more, considering we still haven’t touched on the stated technology’s pledge to simplify reviewing of data and execution of irrigation decisions on a mobile device. Complimenting the same would be a straightforward whole-farm pricing, which calls for you to manage only one subscription. Rounding up highlights would be a dedicated option to connect your on-farm Pessl weather station to FieldNET for the purpose of incorporating local weather data into your irrigation recommendations.

Founded back in 1995, Lindsay’s rise stems from being a leading global manufacturer and distributor of irrigation and infrastructure equipment and technology. The company’s line-up of products, at the moment, includes Zimmatic™ center pivot and lateral move agricultural irrigation systems, FieldNET™ and FieldWise™ remote irrigation management technology, FieldNET Advisor™ irrigation scheduling technology, and several industrial IoT solutions.

“FieldNET Advisor has empowered growers to produce healthier crops and to develop more sustainable farming practices by providing recommendations on when, where and how much to irrigate,” said Kurtis Charling, vice president of AgTech Solutions for Lindsay Corporation. “We asked growers for their feedback and incorporated new features and technology to provide growers with additional insights to help get the best return in the field and their bottom line.”