Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Leveraging Our Enhanced Understanding of Cannabis to Bolster a Unique Healthcare Avenue

Sunderstorm, a Los Angeles-based company, has officially announced the launch of KANHA FX, which happens to be a new line of functional gummies equipped to offer groundbreaking advancements in precision, innovation, and targeted effects. Formulated by a team of medical experts, the stated gummies’ line up begins with three core products i.e. Energy, Sleep, and Love. Starting from Energy, it enables you, in the simplest sense, to do more than usual, thanks to a precision 1:1 combo of THCv and THC, a combo paired further with green tea extract and natural sativa terpenes. Moving on to Sunderstorm’s Sleep gummy, this one is geared, like one might guess, towards all those people who suffer from insomnia. You see, leveraging a 3:2:1 blend of CBN, THC, CBD, as well as indica-derived terpenes, the gummy makes it possible for you to ease into a restful sleep. Then, we have our third and final gummy for now in Love. The stated product, in particular, is going to bank upon a 2:1:1 formulation of THC, CBG and THCv, paired with hybrid terpenes and green tea and damiana extracts. Meant to incite sexual hormones, the Love gummy is notably available in a blend of rose and raspberry flavors.

KANHA FX line comes bearing the only proven fast-acting technology when it comes to cannabis, and by that, we are unsurprisingly referring to the NANO technology. Already known for its immediate impact, the NANO in KANHA products is further backed by peer-reviewed studies, validating its promise to deliver rapid onset times and superior cannabinoid absorption.

“The scientific community knows more about cannabinoids, terpenes and entourage effects today than it has at any time in history,” said Cameron Clarke, CEO and Co-Founder of Sunderstorm. “As the science advances, our products will follow suit, and that commitment helps make KANHA FX the driving force behind the next generation of functional gummies. As industry leaders that leverage proven science in all of our products, Sunderstorm continues to follow the science to bring you the most effective cannabis products available today.”

In order to develop the gummy line-up, Clarke would collaborate with a line-up of accomplished scientists, textbook authors, published professors, and triple-board certified physicians. Together, this team successfully conceived formulas that elicit specific effects by harnessing an optimal mix of cannabinoids, terpenes and nutraceuticals.

Founded in 2015, Sunderstorm’s rise stems from its unwavering focus on quality of products, quality of life, and quality of community. The company’s excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider its products are, at the moment, available in more than 900 locations across California, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Making Sunderstorm’s case stronger is a fact that, last year, it cracked the Top 500 on Inc’s list of Top 5000 companies. Apart from that, the company has also been named as one of the best cannabis employers, for the year 2022, by MG Magazine.