Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Unlocking an Optimized Brand of Feed Management

Everything Agriculture, more popularly known as Ever.Ag, has officially announced the launch of a new groundbreaking feed performance platform Feed King, which is designed to address the critical challenges faced by farm owners and feeders when trying to optimize feed efficiency, reduce waste, and promote animal well-being. According to certain reports, Feed King delivers a centralized platform to conceive greater collaboration among all stakeholders involved in the feeding process, thus helping the discipline become a streamlined and data-driven practice. Talk about the product on a slightly deeper level, though, we begin from its promise of maximizing feed efficiency. Here, users can basically leverage actionable insights to reduce feed costs at every possible juncture, and at the same time, achieve optimal milk production with minimal resources. Next up, we must acknowledge the role Feed King can play in our decision-making process. Integrating data from multiple sources, the platform again banks upon comprehensive analytics and real-time feed efficiency calculations to facilitate more accurate decisions on ration formulation and feed management.

Going back to the point of enhanced collaboration, the platform basically realizes that through a centralized scorecard and communication tools, both the tools capable of aligning the goals and efforts of feeders, farm owners, and nutritionists to eventually create a cohesive approach towards feed management. Another detail worth a mention here is concerned with how Feed King can promote animal welfare. You see, by simply ensuring optimal feed efficiency, the platform can help customers big time in keeping the cows healthy and happy. One can also gauge the specific levels of these two parameters using unbiased measurements and computer vision observations. Alongside taking care of the animals, Feed King also dedicates a similar consideration towards the environment. This it does by cutting out the unnecessary aspects of feed management, and therefore, reducing waste and the usual carbon footprint that we have long come to associate with such an operation.

Ever.Ag has already tested the product in question across several farms like Grotegut Diary, and if we study the available details, we would see that it was successful in tuning up the feed efficiency by almost 5%, thanks to reduced empty feed bunk time. Moving on, Feed King also achieved a 1% gain in feed efficiency from decreased low feed time, whereas 2% came from more frequent feed push-ups.

Operating out of Lewisville, Texas, Ever.Ag’s rise up the ranks stems from an ability to provide software and services that empower your entire agricultural supply chain, right from the farm to table. These services, in practice, cover areas like Agribusiness SaaS, Field Analytics, Diary Analytics, Food and Bev optimization, Supply Chain AI, Yield Optimization, and more.