Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Upholding Your Vegan and Taste Mandate All at the Same Time

Before the Butcher, a leading manufacturer of plant-based proteins including beef, chicken, and sausage, has officially announced two new partnerships to expand the availability of its award-winning plant-based pepperoni, which offers all the flavor and texture of classic pepperoni minus, of course, the meat. According to certain reports, the first partnership here was actually an expansion of the company’s existing relationship with Dot Foods. Under the given update, though, Before the Butcher will have the chance to distribute its pepperoni to foodservice distributors throughout the US. Contextualizing that through numbers would involve digging into how U.S. DOT Foods currently retails over 125,000 products, sourced from more than 1,000 food industry manufacturers around the world, thus offering optimal conditions for greater brand and product visibility. Next up, we must talk about Before the Butcher’s partnership with Chicago’s iconic Rosati’s Pizza. This one is geared towards conceiving a national test of the former’s plant-based pepperoni and Italian sausage ground. To realize the same on an actionable note, Rosati’s Pizza will incorporate the product into their new ‘Fit Pizza’ segment, which is actually a new specialty pizza type that features less fat, less cholesterol, along with notably lower trans and saturated fats. As for availability, both pepperoni and the Italian sausage ground will be up for grabs at select Rosati’s Pizza stores, beginning from march.

“Our plant-based pepperoni has seen an amazing response with food industry experts recognizing its taste, texture, and versatility since we released the product late last year,” said Danny O’Malley, Founder and President of Before the Butcher. “Our partnerships with Rosati’s Pizza and DOT Foods will put this delicious, highest-quality, flavorful pepperoni in front of a growing segment of plant-based consumers nationwide.”

Having discussed the partnerships, it’s time for us to talk a little bit about the product itself. You see, Before the Butcher’s meat-free’ pepperoni appears on the scene more like a healthy option, given its unwavering pledge to be gluten-free, soy-free, non-GMO, dairy-free, cholesterol-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free. The component it does have, though, is a proprietary blend of pea protein, radish extract, paprika, and plenty other spices, all of it coming together to give the pepperoni a hint of spice that matches with your traditional meat-based pepperoni. Another detail worth a mention regarding the stated plant-based pepperoni is its wide range of applications. This translates to a perfect option for foodservice operators seeking a meatless protein that can be used in pizzas, sandwiches, and other classic Italian recipes.

Before the Butcher’s plant-based pepperoni sits alongside its already robust portfolio of products. This portfolio is built up, at the moment, with products like plant-based patties, beef, taco, Italian & chorizo grounds, chicken chunks, beef tips, pulled pork and their economical Mainstream line of plant-based patties. To understand the company’s excellence across these products, we can acknowledge how its plant-based pepperoni, taco ground, and breakfast sausage have all won the FABI award from the National Restaurant Association. Before the Butcher’s plant-based sausage grounds were also a NEXTY award finalist in 2021 at Expo West. In case you are still looking for more, we can bring up the company’s burger, which was voted The Best by Real Simple Magazine.