Thursday, July 25, 2024

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A Microscopic Take on Enhancing Your Water Reserve

Hydrosome Labs, company backed by an experienced team of scientists, advisors, and businesspeople from giants like Nestle, Chobani, Procter & Gamble, Argonne National Labs, and Goldman Sachs, has successfully developed a natural and chemical-free process called Hydrosome H20, which is designed to improve the power of water. Leveraging the emerging science in ultrafine bubbles, the stated process does what it promises through a more efficient and complete delivery of active ingredients to cells. Talk about the whole mechanism on a slightly deeper level, it basically uses a very tiny bubble form known by the name of ultrafine bubbles. Almost invisible to the naked eye, the stated ultrafine bubbles are among the smallest ever detected, and yet they come with their unique properties. To build further upon that uniqueness, Hydrosome ultra-fine bubbles, “Hydrosomes,” deliver at our disposal four characteristics that we have never seen before in this regard. For instance, they come bearing significantly higher surface area vs. bubbles in regular water (1 trillion fit in 1 champagne bubble), thus making them excellent transporters to cells. Next up, these Hydrosomes enable every product, reliant on them, to enjoy a longer life than any other ultrafine bubble technology. In a more concrete sense, it will give them a lifespan of upto 18 months, a timeframe much bigger than the next best of four to six months. Then, we must get into how Hydrosomes’ unique size and concentration paves the way for us to achieve higher efficiency in active ingredients’ delivery to cells. Another detail worth a mention is rooted in the procedure’s sustainable nature. You see, literally no chemicals or consumables are involved at any point of the patented process. Complimenting the same is its pledge to demand little energy when operating.

“Simply put, water is essential to life. It’s second only to oxygen as the most essential substance for survival, yet people take for granted that it will always function the same,” said Paul Gadbut, CEO of Hydrosome Labs. “History is filled, though, with natural substances improved upon for the benefit of society – carbon into carbon fiber, silica into computer chips, and more. What if water itself could be improved naturally and sustainably? That’s what our technology does.”

Poised to improve performance of almost any product where cell absorption is necessary, Hydrosomes’ latest brainchild can be used for helping plants grow faster and healthier with less fertilizer, improving nutrient uptake in skin care, delivering faster, longer lasting, enhanced hydration in performance drinks, as well as efficient precision fermentations. But why should we trust it? Well, the answer to that comes from Hydrosome Lab’s substantial investment across more than 100 scientific studies, human trials, and collaborations with prestigious, thought-leading institutions like the University of Chicago and Cornell University. The company also has two patents granted to its name.

Moving on to the commercialization plan for Hydrosome H20, it involves a licensing arrangement where water is not shipped but instead made at the licensee’s factories. This can go a long distance to meet the needs of any company, of any size, and not just as a exclusive centerpiece solution, the technology can also function seamlessly with a customer’s existing water treatment systems.