Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

An Industry-leading Push to Birth the Ultimate Ice Cream Delight

See’s Candies has officially announced a partnership with McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams to launch a sweet limited-time collection from the two heritage California-based brands, a collection which is made up with four delectable McConnell’s x See’s ice cream flavors. Markedly enough, to reach upon the stated flavors, both companies would merge the top beloved See’s Candies pieces with McConnell’s house-made artisan ice cream bases to create four custom-confection options. Available for $12 per pint online, these flavors begin from Vanilla with California Brittle™. The stated iteration has See’s buttery almond brittle, which by the way comes covered in rich dark chocolate, linking up with McConnell’s classic, full-flavored (R.R. Lochhead) vanilla ice cream. Instilling further taste into the given flavor would be a topping of even more crunchy, salt-roasted almonds and ribbons of chocolate ganache. Next up, we have the Coffee with Molasses Chips™ flavor, which combines See’s dark and milk chocolate-coated crispy molasses honeycomb wafers with coffee-infused Central Coast grass-fed milk and cream. Complimenting the combination would be those swirls of decadent chocolate sauce. The third new flavor coming into play as a part of this partnership between See’s Candies and McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams is the one named Chocolate with Polar Bear Paws™. Here, customers can expect buttery caramel with salt-roasted peanuts, covered in delicious white chocolate. Not just that, they can also expect a peanut butter swirl ride shotgun, served alongside a McConnell’s favorite in Dutchman’s Chocolate.

“There is something really special about two iconic California brands coming together, and we are thrilled to team up with McConnell’s to create these delicious ice cream flavors.” said Pat Egan, President & CEO of See’s Candies. “When we started talking about the partnership and tasting different combinations, we couldn’t narrow it down. We’re both so excited for our customers to try them all! We kept thinking we could pick a favorite, but each one was uniquely great—perfectly in line with both brands!”

Rounding up highlights for us is a flavor called Banana Cream with Toffee-ettes™, which packs together ripe bananas, pureed into Central Coast milk and cream, a salted caramel swirl, and handfuls of See’s legendary Toffee-ettes™. The flavor also boasts having roasted almonds, embedded in rich, Danish butter toffee, and swathed in See’s creamy, milk chocolate (rolled in even more crunchy almonds!).

Set to go live from 28th June 2024, customers can avail all four collaborative offerings at all McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams Scoop Shops and online at for nationwide shipping,

Making the entire development even more significant is, of course, the existing stature of the two partners. You see, founded back in 1921, See’s Candies stands today at a point where it has more than 250 physical stores, spread all across US. At the same time, the company also enjoys a strong online presence through its website.

As for McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams, it makes a case for itself with a history of developing ice creams through locally-sourced ingredients. Completely ditching the use of preservatives, additives, and stabilizers, the company’s excellence in what it does can be understood you consider it has been serving delicious ice creams to the US population for almost 75 years now.

“Truly successful collaborations are dependent on so many things going right. And on that front, this is a dream. For starters, both McConnell’s and See’s have incredible histories as heritage, California brands. But it’s the alignment on product that makes this so exciting. The combination of See’s incredible candies and our delicious ice creams is unmatched, said Michael Palmer, CEO/co-owner of McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams. “Don’t wait on a visit to our shops or to go online to try these flavors – they will go fast!”