Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Unlocking Your Land’s Hidden Potential to Carve Outut a Bulkier Profit Share

Noble Research Institute, the nation’s largest nonprofit agricultural research organization, has officially announced a partnership with Ranch Management Consultants, a partnership which will see the former company getting permission to use the latter’s renowned Ranching for Profit program content. Talk about the stated program on a slightly deeper level, RMC’s Ranching for Profit schools initiative is a 7-day affair where the company educates hundreds of new farmers and ranchers each year. This education, on its part, is largely concerned with helping the participants find breakthroughs that might be needed to improve the health of their land, the profitability of their business, and above all, the quality of their life. Markedly enough, to complement the entire effort, RMC also offers everyone intensive workshops and advanced training on topics relevant to working ranches and farms, something it does through an Executive Link program.

“RMC is excited to partner with Noble,” said Dallas Mount, owner of Ranch Management Consultants. “They have a long history of working directly with farmers and ranchers to manage their land and livestock. Pairing with Noble connects their strengths with our time-tested economic tools and curriculum. Our organizations share common values and purposes, so it is a natural partnership for helping farmers and ranchers across the U.S. drive their businesses forward. Through this relationship, we are extending the reach of Ranching for Profit to new audiences.”

Coming back to the partnership in question, under the agreed terms, Noble will actively design and develop a suite of educational, skill-building products, packing together both Noble-developed and Ranching for Profit content to help save U.S. grazing lands by promoting land stewardship through regenerative management, as well as through realization of better soil health. In practice, the company will achieve this objective using a variety of products, with the first one, Noble Business Essentials, set to launch in June 2024.  As for what the Noble Business Essentials’ product will likely achieve for the wider effort, the answer is rooted in its promise of providing easy-to-understand financial strategies for farmers and ranchers. This translates to how the program is going to empower participants to better understand their financial situation, calculate their unique income potential, and plan for positive net farm income. Across the future Noble business programs, although with varying approaches, Noble Research Institute and Ranch Management Consultants will continue to guide and advance ranchers and farmers towards stronger financial resiliency for their grazing operations.

“Our educational programming focuses on helping farmers and ranchers enhance their soil to improve ranch productivity and to increase profitability,” said Steve Rhines, CEO and president of Noble Research Institute. “To bring the best financial and profitability education to the farmers and ranchers we serve, we knew we needed to partner with RMC.”