Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Biome Makers is setting the standard for soil health

Founded in California’s Silicon Valley in 2015, Biome Makers is one of the foremost global AgTech leaders, setting the standard in soil health with BeCrop® technology. Built on industry-leading AgTech expertise and driven by data and science, Biome Makers connect soil biology to agricultural decision-making to optimize farming practices and reverse the degradation of arable soils. With labs across the globe, customers on 4 continents, and 1M+ acres of land impacted, Biome Makers revitalizes soil functionality and agricultural sustainability worldwide.

Biome Makers has introduced the BeCrop® technology, which employs DNA-sequencing analysis of the soil microbiome and machine learning to analyze the functions of microorganisms in the soil and then identifies biological pathways involved in crop yields, nutrition, health, stress adaptation, and resilience.  Growers, advisors, ag input manufacturers, and retailers are utilizing BeCrop® to understand the missing puzzle piece in the agricultural ecosystem. Soil biology.

Biome Makers has developed BeCrop® technology to help farmers interact more effectively with their soil. BeCrop technology processes large amounts of data, identifying patterns and decoding the information into human-readable form. Biome Makers interpolates this data into methods that help farmers achieve long-term environmental recovery. As a result, farmers can rely on microbial science to reverse environmental damage and contribute to global economic health.

Biome Makers’ BeCrop® services provide targeted solutions to the pressing challenges in agriculture, from understanding soil needs to assessing ag input effectiveness and measuring the sustainability of farming management practices. Biome Makers’ BeCrop® Test empowers farmers and advisors to improve soil biological functions, increase crop yield and quality, and optimize farm costs. Biome Makers’ BeCrop® Trials supports ag-input manufacturers in demonstrating input performance, validating products & identifying recommendations. BeCrop® Trials is a top product development and commercialization tool for biological ag input companies. They can differentiate their products, streamline commercialization, and back their claims with data-driven, scientific methodologies.

The latest product, the BeCrop® Rate, uses the power of soil biology and artificial intelligence to provide a metric system that enables its users to demonstrate and verify sustainability. Farmers can measure and improve the adoption of sustainable practices and communicate their efforts to stakeholders. Suppliers can track performance across the supply chain to pinpoint improvement opportunities. Consumers can purchase sustainably verified products and support farmers that are taking lengthy measures to become more sustainable producers.

The microbiome industry is still in its early stages, evidenced by the fact that only 30 percent of the microbes found in soil have been identified. Many of them remain poorly understood from a functional standpoint. Biome Makers is spearheading the future of ag-tech in real-time by facilitating the development of a comprehensive microbial database that houses over 14 million taxonomic references. Every day, more is being revealed with each new soil sample sent to their labs.

Biome Makers’ unique technology, multidisciplinary team, and global footprint are their competitive advantage. The team at Biome Makers intersects soil science, agriculture, business, ecology, microbiology, genetics, biotechnology, computer science, and ecoinformatics as well as represents different nationalities by people from Spain, USA, Canada, France, Netherlands, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, Germany, and the Philippines. The diverse, innovative, and science-driven culture positions Biome Makers as strong leaders with a shared commitment to bringing the most reliable solutions for a regenerative agri-food system.

Biome Makers is a company on a mission to recover soil health, and it sees any company on the same path as a potential partner. The company is always searching for ways to work with others, share knowledge, license technologies, and find solutions to help all communities regain the soil that has been lost.