Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Strengthening the Longevity Concept for an Important Farming Component

Modine, a leader in innovative heating solutions in the HVAC industry, has officially announced the launch of new corrosion-resistant electric unit heater called MEW, which is designed to be used in non-hazardous washdown and corrosive environments. According to certain reports, the given product is meant to deliver a reliable heating option at the disposal of industries like the one of farming and agriculture, food and beverage production, car wash, oil and gas, petrochemical and dairy etc. Talk about the product on a slightly deeper level, it comes decked up with NEMA 4X protection against water penetration to sustain a longer life in the face of corrosive or washdown environments, while simultaneously boasting an Epoxy-coated fan blade for achieving a similar longevity purpose. Furthermore, there are stainless steel elements in place that make a point to install optimal amounts of corrosion protection, as well as conceive improved heat distribution. We referred to the product’s stainless steel elements; it has a 16-gauge cabinet made from the stated material to help you access industrial-grade durability. Hold on, because MEW also has a stainless steel wall/ ceiling mounting kit for highly flexible mounting options. Another detail we must revisit here is concerned with MEWs reliability, considering its 120V controls are brought into the picture solely to achieve better contractor pull-in reliability. Interestingly enough, customers can even expect a set of augmented optional built-in features that allow for greater installation flexibility, and US Coast Guard Marine Duty listing.

“Modine is uniquely qualified to provide an array of heating solutions that solve our customers’ heating needs no matter the environment,” said Jon Schlemmer, Vice President and General Manager of Modine’s Heating business. “The Modine® MEW is a new generation of NEMA 4X corrosion-resistant heater for those highly corrosive or washdown areas. With the launch of this new unit, we are empowering contractors by providing a state-of-the-art heating solution that can be applied where other products in the market fall short.”

Joining Modine’s full line of commercial electric heaters, HER/VE/PTE, and its top-tier explosion-proof offering in HEX, MEW happens to be the fifth new electric product the company has launched over the course of last 12 months. As for the products that came before, they include the Amp Dawg electric heater, MES no-light infrared electric heater, MEQ light commercial electric infrared heater, and the MEL heavy-duty infrared electric heater. Although slightly different in their forms and features, all these products notably put forth a promise of lowering carbon emissions heating, or an alternative for those who do not have access to natural or propane gas.

Founded way back in 1916, Modine has risen up the ranks by applying bleeding-edge thermal technology to provide trusted systems and solutions that improve air quality and conserve natural resources. On top of it, company’s climate solutions and performance technologies have also come in handy to reduce energy and water consumption, cut back on harmful emissions, and enable cleaner running vehicles, along with environmentally-friendly refrigerants.

“The MEW is another step for Modine as we continue establishing ourselves as the leader of innovative heating solutions in the HVAC industry by expanding our product catalog,” said Schlemmer