Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Bucking the Trend to Achieve a Non-THC Step-up for the Cannabis Space

Flower Power Genetics, a leading provider of premium medicinal cannabis genetics, has officially announced the launch of new purebred medicinal cannabis strains that come bearing an ability to revolutionize the health and well-being of people. According to certain reports, the stated strains stand a cut above other cannabis techniques, techniques that prioritize increasing THC content often at the expense of other cannabinoids. Instead, Flower Power Genetics leverages its extensive preservation of genetics to curate a collection of original cannabis genetics and High Times Cannabis Cup-winning seeds from the competition’s inaugural decade, along with premium landrace, and F1 hybrid seeds. Making the case of these new strains even stronger is a third-party study, which Flower Power Genetics conducted in collaboration with Steep Hill, a globally recognized leader in cannabis science and technology. Going by the results that were published, this particular study was successful in validating pedigree and ancestral lineage of Flower Power Genetics’ seeds. However, the stated effort wasn’t the only research done on these strains before their public launch, considering the company behind them also conducted an in-house market research study, where the product quality surpassed all pre-conceived expectations, and at the same time, crop yields exceeded the levels of modern cannabis by more than double.

“Comparing today’s cannabis consumption to the difference between organic food and GMOs, it’s evident that the plant is saturated with THC while other medicinal properties and cannabinoids have decreased,” said James Krouse, founder of Flower Power Genetics. “Our mission at Flower Power Genetics is akin to returning to the roots of agriculture, striving to reintroduce the original, untainted essence of cannabis. We understand the urgency in restoring access to these exceptional genetics, particularly for medical marijuana patients who rely on high-quality products tailored to their specific health needs.”

Having referred to its performance capabilities, we must also shed some light upon how they can translate to greater revenue for cultivation companies that are in pursuit to increase their annual gross profit. In essence, by partnering with Flower Power Genetics, the stated companies should be able to increase their annual gross profit by $2.5 million per every 10,000 square feet of flowering canopy space, with wholesale prices for Flower Power Genetics’ cannabis flower at $4,000 per pound.

“As we reshape the landscape of medicinal cannabis and empower individuals to achieve optimal health and wellness through the power of premium genetics, our seeds offer cultivation companies the opportunity to achieve higher yields and command premium prices in the market. With wholesale prices double that of modern top-tier branded cannabis, we look forward to helping cultivators double their profits and penetrate new markets,” said Krouse.