Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Leading the Drive for Better Nutrition Albeit with a Delectable Twist

Dole Packaged Foods, LLC, a leader in growing, sourcing, distributing, and marketing fruit and healthy snacks, has officially launched an assortment of snacks falling under The Dole Promise-Dole’s brand mission to deliver high-quality fresh and packaged fruit with a positive impact on people, planet and prosperity. Talk about what snacks we have in the mix here, according to certain reports, the list begins from Dole Smoothie Bowls. Dole Smoothie Bowls are basically pre-portioned ready-to-enjoy serving of exotic fruit smoothies now available in paper-based bowls that use 97 percent less plastic than the previous design. Next up, we have Dole Fruit Bowls Snacks where the company’s line of single-serve, fruit packaged snacks expands its formats and flavors to include Dole® Fruit Bowls® Pineapple Tidbits in Coconut Water, and Mango in Juice. Then, there are Dole Wiggles® Fruit Juice Gels that actually bear a breakthrough award-winning innovation for the gel snack category. You see, these gels happen to be the first to offer gel snacks made with real fruit juice. At launch, Dole Wiggles® Fruit Juice will be available in Strawberry, Orange and Cherry flavors. Moving on to Dole Beverages, they pack together Dole’s general fruit juices, fruit-powered fortified juices, Dole® Digestive Bliss, and Dole Energy Delight. The Dole Energy Delight has on the offer lower sugar options as well, and that it does through award-winning Dole® Canned Light Pineapple Juice Drink.

“We pay close attention to evolving consumer needs in order to make our fruit-powered innovations easy to integrate into their lifestyles,” said Orzse Hodi, SVP & Managing Director for Dole Packaged Foods, Americas. “More consumers are looking for affordable options that are more planet-positive, have lower or zero processed sugars and are simply better-for-you, but still taste delicious. That’s exactly what consumers and retailers will get a taste of at Expo West: Sunshine For All® through Dole-icious Nutrition.”

Hold on, there are still a couple of bits left to unpack, considering we still haven’t touched on Dole Whip® Frozen Treat Cups, which is a better-for-you frozen treat made with real fruit blended, whipped to perfection with organic coconut cream. To put things into context, the stated sweet cup, boasting honey as a primary sweetener, has no more than 110 calories per cup. Rounding up the highlights is Dole Crunch, an award-winning line of ultra-satisfying crunchy way to enjoy 100% fruit in Original Pineapple Bites, Banana Bites and Pineapple with Chili Dried Fruit Bites flavors. Making this all the more attractive is how Dole Good Crunch snacks have no oil and zero added sugar.

We talked about Dole Smoothie Bowls coming in cups that have 97 percent less plastic than the previous design, but to go with that, the company’s recyclable steel, which it uses to deliver canned fruit and beverages, now also includes product climate footprint information certified by CarbonCloud. In case you weren’t aware, CarbonCloud is a global leader for emissions tracking in the CPG industry that uses the world’s largest carbon footprint dataset. Anyway, these environmental-centric efforts join Dole’s other already-active initiative to reduce food waste and implement more sustainable production methods. Beyond the environmental aspect, though, these new snacks will also the company’s mission, named Dole Promise, to help more than 1 billion people access better nutrition.