Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Reaching for a Cleaner Economy with More Sustainability-driven Careers

The Biden Administration has officially announced the initial key actions to support the introduction of a groundbreaking initiative called American Climate Corps, which will help more than 20,000 young Americans who are currently fighting against the impacts of climate change. According to certain reports, the stated key actions are set to include a new American Climate Corps website and applicant portal, partnerships to enhance pathways into federal service and registered apprenticeships, as well as a new national service partnership to support energy communities. Building upon Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Civilian Conservation Corps program, the effort in question will let Americans apply through its new and dedicated website, where one is likely to find more than 2,000 positions located across 36 states, DC and Puerto Rico. These positions, on their part, are hosted by hundreds of organizations advancing clean energy,sustainable agriculture, conservation, and climate resilience. More on the same would reveal how the stated positions will be regularly updated, with an overarching goal of making it easier for Americans to find work against the climate crisis. Not just that, such information is also meant to train people and give them the skills that are necessary for becoming a part of theclimate resilience workforce.

Next up, we must discuss the program’s pledge to foster collaboration between Biden-Harris Administration and North America’s Building Trades Unions’ nonprofit organization partner TradesFutures. Thanks to this partnership, every member in American Climate Corps will have an access of TradesFutures’ industry leading apprenticeship readiness curriculum during their service term. This access will again do a lot to equip them with the skills that are foundational, if one is to have a career in the clean energy and climate resilience economy.

“President Biden’s American Climate Corps is a call to action for people from all backgrounds who are committed to protecting our planet for future generations,” said Michael D. Smith, CEO ofAmeriCorps. “We’re opening doors for young people to embark on rewarding careers that make a real difference tackling climate change, advancing environmental justice, conserving America’s lands and waters, and more, in every community across the country.

Another partnership worth a mention here would be the one between Department of the Interior, the Energy Communities Interagency Working Group, and AmeriCorps VISTA. Named as Energy Communities AmeriCorps, this partnership will bear the responsibility to place members in priority energy communities across the country. Furthermore, it will support community-led projects, including environmental remediation, in the places that have powered the nation for generations.

Complimenting the same is an update made to the US Office of Personnel Management’s Pathways Programs, an update which will expand applicant eligibility for the Recent Graduates program, and therefore, include individuals who have completed qualifying career or technical education service within designated American Climate Corps programs. Not just that, it will also open up a more straightforward path into federal service.

“The American Climate Corps will open new pathways for young people across America to enter careers addressing the climate crisis, promoting environmental justice and building resilient communities,” saidMichael Regan, Administrator of Environmental Protection Agency. “Thanks to President Biden’s Investing in America Agenda, EPA is investing billions to build a clean economy, and will need these talented, diverse young leaders to join our work. We know America’s young people are motivated to make a difference in their communities, and the ACC is making it easier than ever for them to raise their hand and be connected to opportunities.”