Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Solving the Ammonia Puzzle to Achieve Enhanced Agricultural Flexibility

FuelPositive Corporation, a leading Green Ammonia Company, has officially filed a provisional patent for its new Green Aqueous Ammonia add-on module systems i.e. the FP300A and FP1500A. To give you some context, the stated technology is basically meant to provide farmers a method for producing aqueous ammonia of adjustable nitrogen concentration from their FuelPositive on-farm system. Furthermore, the stated technology will enable farmers to independently produce Green Aqueous Ammonia fertilizer on location at a significantly lower cost and with much lower GHGs than existing methods. On top of that, the module’s modular and safe design integrates seamlessly with previously-launched FP300 and FP1500 systems. This directly translates to a deep sense of flexibility in regards to production volume and nitrogen concentration, and it does so without making any sacrifices whatsoever on the efficiency front. Before we dig any further into the new development, though, we must try and understand that ammonia is actually a key component in various fertilizers and industrial applications. Now, while anhydrous ammonia (NH3) is widely used, it is limited in specific circumstances, such as controlled environment agriculture, due to safety protocols and transportation challenges.

Filling up for the same is aqueous ammonia that comes bearing lower nitrogen content. However, aqueous ammonia suffers from a separate set of challenges, considering its production demands expansive facilities that can manufacture significant quantities of the solution. Given their scale, these facilities naturally call for substantial water supplies and energy inputs, often relying on fossil fuels to fulfill the latter need. In case this wasn’t enough, aqueous ammonia must also be transported to and stored near its intended application site. Talk about how FuelPositive’s new module address that concern, the technology kicks off by enabling production of Green Aqueous Ammonia on-site. Furthermore, unlike the traditional method, it lets you adjust the concentration of the output fertilizer on demand so to make it possible for farmers to customize the nitrogen content of their fertilizers as needed.

“FuelPositive is leading the transformation of traditional and heavily polluting chemical industries into environmentally sustainable solutions, particularly in fertilizers. In response to farmers’ diverse needs, we’ve expanded our containerized Green Anhydrous Ammonia system to include a Green Aqueous Ammonia module. This need prompted our engineering team to design a unit that not only produces environmentally friendly and safe Green Aqueous Ammonia but also meets rigorous industry standards.” said Hamza Aldaghstany, Senior Mechanical Engineer at FuelPositive. “Moreover, our system can produce Green Aqueous Ammonia at concentrations tailored to various agricultural settings, including fields, greenhouses, and diverse crop types.”

As for some of the product’s highlights, they begin from a dual function capability, meaning it can produce both Green Anhydrous Ammonia and Green Aqueous Ammonia Fertilizers. Next up, we must get into the way this technology enables farmers to actively choose their own Green Aqueous Ammonia concentrations, with available values ranging from 5% to 30%. Alongside the concentration of Green Aqueous Ammonia, FuelPositive’s module also allows users to choose Fertilizer PH balance. Moving on, given the focus on Green Aqueous Ammonia, FuelPositive’s latest brainchild also asks for lesser storage and fewer handling safeguards.

“We anticipate having the first Green Aqueous Ammonia module pilot ready this fall, and I’m thrilled that we can provide more smart fertilizer options to farmers and other customers.” said Nelson Leite, Chief Technology Officer and Board Director at FuelPositive. “This technology milestone marks a new phase in FuelPositive’s evolution and sets a new standard in the agricultural market.”