Thursday, July 25, 2024

Top 5 This Week

Unpacking the Possibility of Sustainable Pet Car

All Walks®, an award-winning company committed to bringing sustainably-produced products to pet owners, has officially announced the launch of its new All Walks® Hemp Litter product, which is designed to deliver a lightweight, super-clumping, virtually dust and odor-free product for pet owners. According to certain reports, the stated product does one better on those traditional clay litters by introducing a super clumping mechanism. Next up, we must get into how it is made entirely from Industrial Hemp Hurd & Upcycled Cereal Grains, and as a result, it arrives on the scene as 100 percent biodegradable and free from chemicals or any other sort of additives. Not just cleaner in nature, but the new All Walks® Hemp Litter also comes decked up with an ability to control odor far more effectively than what some of its counterparts throughout the industry have been able to achieve so far. Complimenting the same with a dust-free promise, the product also delivers at your disposal a lightweight alternative so to ensure ease of use and maximum accessibility.

“While our current award-winning products have been focused on small pet and chicken environment and absorption, we are excited to bring these benefits now to cats and their owners with our new Hemp Litter,” said Gregg Gnecco, Director of Brands and Marketing for All Walks® and IND HEMP. “With our recent innovations in hemp bioplastics and hemp textiles, All Walks is on the path to bring sustainable products and solutions to all aisles of the pet store and beyond.”

Apart from the one we touched on, All Walks has also introduced another product in All Walks® Hemp Coop Combo. This combo is basically meant for chickens and other fowl, providing poultry owners and their flocks 70 liters of premium hemp hurd coop-sized bedding, and a six-pack of hemp fiber nesting mats in one convenient combo pack. The hemp bedding in question is also more than four times as absorbent as wood fibers, something which should go a long distance to ensure that it doesn’t break down into muck when saturated. Furthermore, stepping away from your pervasive wood fiber bedding or mats that have harsh acids or tannins, the neutral PH of hemp bedding and fiber allows it to be upcycled immediately before you eventually install it in soil for use in gardens and compost. Given the whole setup, customers can expect easier cleaning, better odor control, as well as more time between cleanings. Among other details, we must mention All Walks® Hemp Coop Combo’s pledge of plush comfort for happy hens, along with a promise to conceive maximum protection and padding for the eggs. It also presents ideal bedding for pets of all sizes, including small animals like hamsters, guinea pigs, bunnies and birds, and for chicken coops and horse stalls etc. Rounding up highlights is the fact that this combo happens to be 100% dust and tree free, thus addressing all health and environmental in one go.

“All Walks was created to use the multi-faceted power of industrial hemp to care for both the planet and the animals we love. As the most absorbent natural cellulose on the planet, when hemp hurd is used it lasts longer, has better odor control and is easier to clean than other alternatives,” said Gnecco. “Our products are made from industrial hemp stalks grown on American farms, creating regenerative crop rotation benefiting the soil and the families who nurture them.”