Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Widening Access to a Set of Genuine Cannabis Classics

Elevated Roots Cultivation has officially launched its flagship flower brand named Nostalgia across the state of Massachusetts. According to certain reports, Nostalgia brings forth the most legendary cannabis strains from 1960s through the early 2000s. By doing so, it effectively gives the cannabis community an opportunity to experience iconic genetics cultivated to perfection in Elevated Roots’ state-of-the-art Kingston grow facility. Talk about some of the Nostalgia strains that Massachusetts population can access moving on, they begin from Acapulco Gold, which is a 1960s strain with its origins rooted in the lush landscapes of Mexico. Having risen up the cannabis’ ranks pretty quickly, Acapulco Gold is best known for its golden hues and euphoric highs. Next up, we have Purple Haze. Again a strain with its origins in 1960s, Purple Haze is named after the iconic 1967 Jimi Hendrix song. Cultivated in the California region, this particular strain would grab attention, by and large, because of its iconic purple hue and euphoric effects. Moving on to Northern Lights, it arrived on the scene at some point during the 1970s, Dense clusters of resinous buds and its earthy aroma tinged with hints of sweet pine made Northern Lights a true indica, an indica that was conceived in the Pacific Northwest.

Then, there is Maui Waui. Like the name suggests, this strain was cultivated in the lush landscapes of Maui. Once developed, it ended up becoming a favorite among surfers, hippies, and free spirits due to its sweet, fruity aroma, and laid-back effects that, on their part, capture the true aloha spirit. Joining the same is Afghan Skunk, introduced during the 80s decade when it emerged as a potent fusion of landrace genetics and hybrid vigor so to appeal to all those cannabis enthusiasts who particularly seek bold flavors and powerful effects.

“This harvest signifies the culmination of years of perfecting our growing techniques sourcing the perfect genetics,” said Josh Barnhart, Director of Cultivation at Elevated Roots Cultivation. “As we unveil Nostalgia to Massachusetts, we invite enthusiasts to experience the absolute joy in lighting up a strain that is just about as close to what your granddad might have smoked back in the day as possible. I can’t wait to share these genetics and the stories behind them with our community.”

Hold on, we are still not done yet. You see, among the other Nostalgia strains that will become available in Massachusetts, there is also going to one called Green Crack. Understood to be a 90s-origin strain, Green Crack is essentially a Sativa-dominant powerhouse born in West Coast cannabis culture. As for what makes it a classic, the answer resides in the strain’s burst of citrusy energy that electrifies the senses and sparks creativity. Another 90s strain which we can expect to come along the overall pack would be Sour Diesel. Literally a result of clandestine breeding efforts and the ingenuity of underground cultivators, Sour Diesel would make its mark on the back of pungent aroma and soaring effects. The last 90s strain we have is Jack Herer. A Sativa-dominant hybrid, this strain is all about giving customers a harmonious blend of invigorating energy and profound relaxation.

Markedly enough, beyond those classic strains, Elevated Roots will also make available a relatively modern Nostalgia strain in Blue Dream. Blue Dream is sourced from the fertile soil of Santa Cruz, where breeders crafted something to embody the essence of California’s laid-back lifestyle and creative spirit.

Turning the whole development even more significant is, of course, the stature already achieved by Elevated Roots Cultivation as an organization. Founded in 2020, the company currently has an 18,000 square foot cultivation space, and using that, it supports over 600 plants in perpetual harvest, including 150 mother plants.