Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Earning Agriculture Industry a Breakthrough on Both the Productivity and Sustainability Front

Nuseed, an innovator in delivering VALUE BEYOND YIELD® from farmers to end users, has officially announced an expansion of its Nuseed Carinata and Omega-3 Canola Production System value-added contract programs for 2024 planting drive. Reaching a wider footprint across US for the new season, Nuseed Carinata first arrived on the scene back during 2022, conceived especially to help growers optimize their total productivity per acre. Not just that, the program has also carried the responsibility to promote among these growers a set of sustainable farming production practices. Talk about how the program turns that into a reality, the answer resides in Nuseed Carinata’s reputation as a resilient oilseed which is independently certified as a sustainable, non-food contracted cover crop. Given its unique profile, the component makes for a highly desired bioenergy feedstock which can be converted into Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and therefore, to conceive an exciting, sustainable market opportunity. Anyway, when you integrate Nuseed and whatever it offers to your crop plan and break the rotation cycle with the high biomass deep rooted cover crop, you basically get enriched soil health and improved agronomic conditions, two big benefits that should go a long way to help you realize the full potential of your primary crop. Coming back to the point of sustainability, the program also delivers at growers’ disposal an outright compensation for their sustainable production of Nuseed Carinata during the off-season. Such compensation, like you can guess, only further incentivizes environmentally conscious farming practices.

“Our commitment to bringing new, novel value-added-seed solutions to North American farmers is bolstered by the expansion of our Nuseed Carinata and Omega-3 Canola Production System programs,” said Roger Rotariu, North America Marketing Lead at Nuseed. “We are empowering growers to maximize their total productivity per acre while contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Moving on to Omega-3 Canola Production System program, it brings to fore both profit and performance prospects for farmers. In practice, this involves the program’s focus on shaking up the way plant-based solutions interact with other segments of the agriculture industry. Furthermore, it also provides the only land-based, sustainable healthy source of Omega-3 oil for aquafeed and human nutrition, all while simultaneously supporting both land and ocean sustainability. Given the stated expansion, though, farmers looking to leverage the Omega-3 Canola Production System program can viably expect heftier profit margins moving forward.

Founded back in 2006, Nuseed has risen up on the back of helping key crops become renewable and traceable sources of lower carbon energy, as well as plant-based nutrition. The company, interestingly enough, achieves it through a set of proprietary solutions that enhance the extensive molecular capabilities present in crop DNA. By further unlocking commercial potential attached with Omega-3 canola, carinata, sorghum, sunflower, and energy cane, Nuseed hopes to take on severe global challenges, such as food security, human nutrition, and climate change etc. The company’s excellence in delivering on its existing value proposition, though, can be understood once you consider it currently has 10 locations, stretched across Australia, Europe, North America, and South America, including three proprietary innovation centers. Using these operational hubs, Nuseed is, at present, facilitating sales in well over 30 countries across the globe.