Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Ensuring that a Good Mood Remains Your Cup of Tea

Numi Organic TeaTM, an award-winning social enterprise, founding B Corporation member, and a leading purchaser of organic, Fair Trade CertifiedTM teas, has officially announced the launch of its new Relax and Regenerate Herbal Supplement Tea Line. According to certain reports, the stated supplement comes bearing Damiana, a flowering vine native to Mexico, Central and South America, which has been known for centuries as a mood enhancer and energy booster. All in all, the product line in question packs together three caffeine-free SKUs blended to evoke mood enhancement. Talk about these SKUs on a slightly deeper level, they begin from Numi Organic Damiana Relax Tea. Available at $7.99 for a 16ct box, this particular tea offers a soothing floral cup that combines organic herbs, including Damiana, floral butterfly pea flower, rose, and lavender, into a smooth, earthy and mellow tea. Once it is absorbed into your body, this tea can effectively relax your nervous system, while simultaneously elevating mood and increasing energy. Next up, we have the Numi Organic Damiana Uplift Tea. Bearing the same price tag of $7.99, the Numi Organic Damiana Uplift Tea brings to the fore zesty blend of organic herbs, such as Damiana, desert lime, lemongrass, lemon balm, rose petals, and licorice roots, a blend which also uses a bright, lemon flavor to refresh and improve upon your mood levels.

“With our Relax and Regenerate Herbal Supplement Tea Line, featuring Damiana, we continue to prioritize consumer well-being while addressing the nation’s acute need for emotional and mental support and balance,” said Ahmed Rahim, Chief Visionary Officer and Co-Founder of Numi Organic Tea, who spearheads product development and tea blending. “In response to escalating stress and anxiety levels, our unique tea line showcases Damiana, masterfully blended to evoke diverse functionalities while maintaining superior flavor. Damiana, a natural and holistic remedy, supports the central nervous system, empowering consumers to reclaim balance and restore relaxation.

Moving on, our third and final SKU happens to be Numi Organic Damiana Focus Tea. Through this tea, Numi has made an effort to introduce an earthy, herbaceous blend of organic herbs, such as Damiana, ginkgo leaf, lion’s mane, hibiscus, peppermint, spearmint, licorice, marshmallow, and a touch of rosemary. Complimenting the same with a tart, sweet flavor, this particular product boasts an assortment of antioxidants that not only enhance your mood, but they also make a point to strengthen your memory.

The significance attached to Numi’s latest product line can be understood once you consider that, at the moment, more than 30% of adults have been found to report symptoms of anxiety or depression, marking a whopping 29% increase from what the numbers were during the pre-pandemic era. Fortunately enough, Numi’s teas will have a chance of cutting back on the same, considering the way they support central nervous system. Not just that, they can also be expected to use the presence of Damiana to promote hormonal health. This they will do by working as an aromatase inhibitor, which slows down the enzyme that converts testosterone to estrogen.

Among other details, we must mention all blends in this product line are ethically sourced, climate-neutral, and at the same time, they use plant-based compostable wrappers and include a carbon footprint label on the package.

“I use Numi Organic Teas as an essential component of my herbalism practice. Their unique balance of efficacy and delicious flavor ensures my clients consistently consume the teas I suggest so that they experience the full medicinal benefits,” said Kelsey Barrett, a clinical herbalist and educator who has been featured in Vogue and Edible for her work in transforming individual health through the power of plants.