Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Overcoming Taste Limitations to Make the Cannabis Upside More Accessible

MariMed, a multi-state cannabis company focused on improving people’s everyday life, has officially announced several new flavors for its cannabis and electrolyte drink mix called Vibations, complimenting the same through a re-formulation to deliver faster acting 15-minute onset. Known for delivering a replenishing boost of focus and energy from its core formula of full-spectrum cannabis and hydrating electrolytes, Vibtations’ latest move brings to the fore two new caffeine-free options and a third new flavor designed specifically to deliver a better night’s sleep, taking up the drink’s tally to a total of seven flavors. Markedly enough, all these flavors happen to have 100 percent natural ingredients, no artificial colors or flavors, while simultaneously being vegan and gluten-free. Talk about the Vibtations’ line-up of flavors on a slightly deeper level, they include brand’s original four flavors i.e. Strawberry Lemonade, Peach Tangerine Tea, Iced Tea Lemonade, and sugar-free Pomegranate Blueberry Acai. Each of the iterations here is infused with a dose of full spectrum cannabis that unlocks the collective value held by the full plant, hydrating electrolytes, and natural caffeine from guarana. This, in turn, goes a long way to give you a boost of focus and energy. Moving on to our new flavors, the standard ones include Tropical Punch and sugar-free Lemon Lime, both of which offer all the benefits of focus and energy we see across those existing flavors. However, rather than relying upon guarana, these new flavors make their bet on the energizing cannabinoid THCV so to give you a caffeine-free experience. Of course, the update also delivers at our disposal a new flavor Berry Chamomile Tea, a sugar-free option which is infused with CBN, a cannabinoid best known for promoting better night’s sleep and enabling consumers to feel more replenished and energized next morning.

“Our research indicated a fast-growing segment of cannabis consumers who are looking for an infused cannabis beverage product that combines all the benefits of the plant with hydrating electrolytes for added focus and energy,” said Jay O’Malley, Vice President of Marketing and Research & Development of MariMed. “When mixed with water, the new and improved Vibations provides that desired effect while also being great-tasting and portable. The new formulas also incorporate a patented technology that enhances bioavailability to now deliver a 15-minute onset.”

The update in question provides a rather interesting follow-up to one study conducted by the University of Colorado, a study which dug into the impact of using cannabis prior to running. Going by the available details, the results showcased participants having an overall greater positive experience from their run (vs. a non-cannabis run), By a positive experience, the study referred to increased motivation, lowered pain levels, and several other advantages on their part.

Founded in 2013, MariMeds has risen up through its craft cannabis cultivation approach which has went on to set the stage for a portfolio of premium, award-winning, and top-selling product brands. These brands include Betty’s Eddies™ fruit chews, Nature’s Heritage flower, K Fusion™ precision-dose mint tablets, and many more. Helping MariMeds sustain its stature across the industry is, of course, the fact that it is also well-equipped to develop, own, and manage state-licensed cannabis facilities, including growing and processing facilities as well as medical and adult-use retail dispensaries.