Thursday, July 25, 2024

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Simplifying the Agricultural Picture across Vineyards and Orchards

AGCO Corporation, a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, has officially announced the launch of Massey Ferguson® 3 Series Specialty tractor, which is designed to meet the unique agriculture challenges felt across vineyards and orchards. Arriving on the scene with seven models ranging from 75-115 HP, the new tractor will bring to the fore a focus on efficiency, comfort, and reducing carbon footprint. Talking in a specific sense, though, the MF 3 series includes 75, 95, and 115 HP cab models of the Specialty (SP) version for effective applications across both vineyards and orchards. It has 75, 95 and 105 HP models in the narrow and low-profile Ground Effect (GE) version for tunnel and fruit orchard settings. Finally, there is a single 95 HP model of the Vineyard (VI) version for traditional vineyards. In the exclusive vineyard version, operators can expect a little more than 3 feet wide cab. Built especially to maneuver through tight vineyard rows, the stated version unlocks access to high power and torque at low engine RPM for maximum efficiency and reduced noise levels. Customers can also choose between several proven transmission options to customize the MF 3VI.95, as well as others in the series, to fit their individual needs. Joining the same are Massey Ferguson’s innovative low-profile automatic transmission fluid (ATF) components that provide best-in-class visibility,

Next up, there is Specialty version, which features a 3.4-liter, 4-cylinder engine, while cap of 3.6-liter can be easily achieved with higher horsepower. Focused on getting you the most out of your investment, the stated version also offers 3SP model’s 26-gallon fuel tank, along with sizeable power, to ensure more work is being done. Rounding up highlights is the Ground Effect version, capable of packing together open-station platform models in the MF 3 Series. This version delivers at your disposal a combination containing narrow and low-profile dimensions that are ideal for the requirements of older wine-grape and raisin vineyards. Keeping the trend alive, the Ground Effect iteration also lets you mix and match horsepower and specifications to conceive ideal equipment solution in every user’s case without ever asking for any extra money from them.

“The farmer is at the heart of every Massey Ferguson design, and we are excited to share this brand-new offering with vineyard and orchard operations here in California, as well as across North America,” said Kevin Lewallen, tactical marketing manager for Massey Ferguson North America. “We understand the importance of productivity and economy in these applications, and we’re proud to offer one of the most powerful, versatile and comfortable machines on the market.”

Founded in 1990, AGCO Corporation’s has climbed up steadily on the back of its differentiated brand portfolio which is made from brands like Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson®, Precision Planting®, and Valtra®. Further leveraging Fuse® smart farming solutions, the company has today reached a point where its annual sales exceed the whopping figure of $14 billion.

“The Massey Ferguson brand is recognized around the world as a premier manufacturer of durable, user-friendly agricultural equipment,” said Lewallen. “We’re proud to bring our Farmer-First approach to a new market in North America. All models of the MF 3 Series offer power, maneuverability and reliability with a fast ROI and a smaller carbon footprint.”